The ALDENTE idea was born in June 2016 from the challange to Get into the game of three Neapolitans boys in the thirties, who after years of individual and different experiences, find themselves strongly trusting  in a common project in the fascinating Food world.

The ambitious goal is to create  the first true Italian Pasta Chain in the Fast casual dining; speed, quality and innovation are the three key words.

Love for Pasta  and the vision  that only high Quality is the winning Factor, matched the same philosophy  and get access to  the important partnership with a premium brand such as Pasta Garofalo.

Ambition and passion are the engine of this ship, "Sempre Pronti", the Team mood. Our dream? Serving in a minute or so and  with a smile  a delicious  pasta dish made "as Neapolitan  Like it " in every city in the world

To date, the Aldente team, with the help of different competences needed , works with enthusiasm and confidence in develop a  brand in Italy and especially abroad, "where we believe that the concept of High Quality Pasta in a quick serve , can have its final recognition".

"Our history today is  short and intense, but we will give our best  to build what it may soon become a success story!"

- Francesco, Mario e Stefano

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Thanks to the IQF technology we can take every single product to very low temperatures. This allows us a really quick preparation, keeping the organoleptic characteristics of the products unchanged.

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We wanted to give you nothing but the excellence of the real Neapolitan tradition: from the unique quality of Garofalo Pasta with the best sauces, to the outstanding blend of Passalacqua coffee.


If you want to enjoy moments of pure joy at home, or wherever you want, you’ll be able to take all the taste of our dishes with you!